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Indian Student Forum’2014 is a platform where all the enthusiastic Indian Engineering students with an interest in enhancing the engineering education will gather together.

The overall plan for the ISF is two-fold: to positively impact our Indian student participants current position as budding global engineers eager to affect change within the engineering education and local communities; and to show the professional stakeholders that students are a much larger piece of this puzzle than they are currently given credit for and are entitled to a voice within the engineering education dialogue.

Through our discussions around this year’s NISF theme “Creativity and Innovation in Engineering Education for the developing India” SPEED will increase its knowledge base and further its ability to impact the Indian student community to effect change. As SPEED becomes more experienced it will continue to develop collaborative agendas with local student groups from across the country, to grow the engineering education from its roots, the students.

ISF Objectives :

  1. Select with even geographical representation and gather up to 200 knowledgeable and motivated engineering students interested in current situation in engineering education and eager to provide input and work on the improvements of it.
  2. Provide students with an opportunity to learn about issues in engineering education in different parts of the country and its implications in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent environment.
  3. Create a national environment and facilitate networking and exchange of ideas across engineering fields, cultural and educational levels, different layers of society and participants of parallel events.
  4. Stimulate the involvement of students in the 21st century Engineering Education society.
  5. Make students aware of SPEED and develop an international network of education and industrial stakeholders in all levels interested in similar issues.
  6. Empower students to take action through SPEED and get involved in their local communities and universities by starting new globally & locally-connected projects.
  7. Improve ISF concept through feedback from students, sponsors and other stakeholders.
  8. Establish a productive cooperation between SPEED and its new supporters and sponsors and maintain the good relationship with current benefactors.




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