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Report of Results Meeting of students in International Meeting Engineering Education

ACOFI 2014


Local chairs: Ximena Velandia – Lina Rengifo 







For SPEED Colombia is satisfactory share the results of the meeting of students, in the framework of International Meeting Engineering Education ACOFI 2014, many learning with which we ended the event, learning that certainly have transformed our thinking and become the bastion it will give continuity to training process as individuals and engineering professionals. The event had 27 student of different universitys.




As SPEED Colombia we think that country should consider prioritizing development in engineering education as a fundamental pillar of progress because we are who through the application of science and technological contribute for the social development. Thus SPEED Student Platform for Engineering Education Development comes to Colombia in 2013 through the completion of the 9th Global Student Forum in the framework of the World Engineering Education Forum with the aim of boosting research, community service, international meeting and entrepreneurship.

Action Plan


  • The first, engineer and transforming society in which the students had the opportunity to share with the Engineer Eduardo Silva the different experiences of the implementation of engineering projects and their social impact, generating a process of reflection on the relationship engineering society.


  • The second, engineering with business approach in which the students had the opportunity to share with the Engineer Naliny War about different experiences in different areas of entrepreneurship, and think about alternatives innovation.


  • The third, use of TICS in engineering education by Angela as a representative of the ministry of TICS in this area expanded information about the alternatives offered by the ministry to college students to work together in TICS projects, alsoprojects the students raised about the impacts of the so-called "second industrial revolution"


  • It is evident that the results were quite satisfactory and represent a challenge for students in the process of implementation of these action plans, monitoring and networking research that will expand the horizons of your initial project.

    Community Service

6                  7

As an enrichment activity initiatives in social work, a visit to the school foundation "Dear friend" in which was presented the opportunity to share an integration activity with childrenbetween 8 and 11 years was conducted, it was gratifying to event participants perceive the joy of children and interest in science and technology as evidenced in the various themes that we share about robotics, environment, building infrastructure among other things, allows us to glimpse a good future for Colombian engineering.


Poster Competition


The competition allowed posters show students the various research projects carried out in different universities, provides excellent feedback



Thank the Colombian Association of Faculties of Engineering, for making possible the students meeting, strengthen the links between principals, teachers and students is certainly a significant step that will strengthen the educational process in engineering faculties and allow the emergence new scenarios in the teaching and learning of engineering.



Special thanks to Mr. Luis Alberto Gonzalez for your interest, support and management in both the preparation and execution of the event.



The National Association of Students of Industrial Engineering, Management and Production ANEIAP thanks to your support and work during the event, no doubt played a major role marks a very favorable start of relations between SPEED Colombia as a platform for engineering students and associations, chapters and research groups



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