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29th Nov- 2nd Dec, 2014, Dubai,U.A.E

Theme: Engineering Education without Borders


Global Student Forum :


 The GSF (Global Student Forum) is a global conference organized by the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED), which draws academicians, representatives from government, industry and non-profit organizations, and an increasing number of students from around the world to discuss issues pertinent to Engineering Education. During this event, students will be a part of an international experience, submerged in the atmosphere of cross-cultural communication and creative thinking. Participants will take part in workshops aimed at providing them with tools to find innovative solutions with a global perspective and apply them in their local communities to improve upon Engineering Education. Students will get a chance to learn about existing student projects, get involved and/or start their own regional and global initiatives with the aim of maximizing the student voice within the Engineering Education community. The World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) follows this event.


 Global Student Forum 2014 :


Participants started arriving to Dubai on 29th November 2014. A welcome dinner was organized at American University in Dubai. The dinner began with an introduction to SPEED by Alexandra Seeman, 10th GSF local chair. She also provided the students important instruction for their stay in Dubai. This was followed by some ice breaking sessions for the students to network with fellow participants from different parts of the world. The dinner was provided after the ice breaking sessions.


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Day 1:


The GSF was kick started by Aswin Karthik, 10th GSF International chair. He gave an introduction to SPEED and the 10th GSF. He gave the participants an insight into SPEED’s work and core-values. The next session was the keynote speech which was delivered by Dr.David Delaine spoke about “Action Planning an Educational Life”. He spoke about the importance of multidisciplinary research in engineering education. He encouraged the participants to be a reflexive engineer rather than just being a traditional engineer. He asked the participants to first understand the purpose of pursuing engineering. He emphasized on a peaceful change through love, peace and networking. The importance of having an action plan for education that included aspects such as a theme, objectives, tasks, responsibilities, timeline and evaluation was also made known.

The next session was guest lecture by David Bradford, project director of Burj Khalifa. He spoke about the planning and construction of the Burj Khalifa from its foundation. He focused on the important interdisciplinarylearning and strategic planning for successful execution of any project. He also told the participants some interesting facts about Burj Khalifa.



Joe Packhem, SPEED External Affairs Officer gave the participants an introduction to brainstorming. He focused on the advantages of brainstorming in groups to generate more ideas and also some tips on evaluating the ideas generated post brainstorming. This was followed by a presentation on introduction to action planning by Ana, BEST representative at the 10th GSF. She talked about the various ways to do effective action planning and also some useful tools such as Gantt chart and SWAT analysis.


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Industrial Site Visit:


Participants were taken to the world’s tallest man-made structure, Burj Khalifa. The presentation on Burj Khalifa in the morning helped the students visualize all the information there was provided in the morning.



Day 2:


The participants were divided into 3 different tracks which were streamlined from the theme Engineering without Borders. The students were indulged in brainstorming about the various challenges in engineering education students were indulged in brainstorming about the various challenges in engineering education. The 3 tracks are as below.


Track 1: Re-imagining EE in and out of the classroom 

Track 2: Re-imagining EE beyond the silos of discipline 

Track 3: Re-imagining EE through the world

The students were ready with their action plan at the end of day 2.


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The 2nd Day ended with a cultural evening in which participants from different countries got a chance to display their local tradition. Participants were dressed in their traditional attire, served their local food to everyone and also performed their traditional dances.



Day 3:


The 3rd day of GSF had all the sponsors’ presentation followed by presentation of action The 3rd day of GSF had all the sponsors’ presentation followed by presentation of action based on creativity, sustainability, thoroughness, feasibility and social impact of the action plan. The winner of each track competed against each other in the final round for the final action plan winner.







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