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Harish Hande

Harish Hande

Dr. H Harish Hande, Managing Director, SELCO-India, which he co-founded with Neville Williams in 1995. Dr. Hande earned his Doctorate in energy engineering (solar specialty) at the University of Massachusetts (Lowell). He has an undergraduate degree in Energy Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Dr. Hande serves on the boards of many organizations, both national and international.

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 TRACK 1: Design/Animation/Modelling/Simulation based Learning


Code: TR11

1. MISSION: Implementing effective format in technical education by adopting visual, audio and graphical media that will help the students acknowledge the subject and have a better insight about the subject.


Code: TR12

2. MISSION: Time & Tide wait for none our action plans intend to create pun .We aim to reimburse the traffic and help people on the run. Traffic Jams, excessive fuel consumption, time delay are almost dealt and done.


Code: TR13

3. MISSION: To make a cross platform mobile application which will narrow the gap between different working blocks of an education organization by solving major issues as attendance monitoring and updates from management etc.


Code: TR14

4. MISSION: To make engineering education more interactive by teaching subjects or concept using animations and visuals.


TRACK 2: Community based Learning


Code: TR21

1. MISSION: Jugaad Urbanism


Code: TR22

2. MISSION: We will create a more sustainable and safer world by making wiser energy choices


Code: TR23

3. MISSION: SATTU- Social Achievement through technological up gradation.


Code: TR24

4. MISSION: To collect the waste resources and make it locally reusable


Code: TR25

5. MISSION: “Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between students of different domains to provide a platform for inter-disciplinary research and development.”


Code: TR26

6. MISSION: Provide a student-industry-innovator platform where students can meet with industry experts (to know needs/ requirements of the industry and various challenges faced by them) and local/rural innovators who in spite of having lack of resources created something new which can benefit the society as a whole and nurture the innovative minds.


TRACK 3: Entrepreneur and Project based Learning


Code: Tr31

1. MISSION: “Taking into account the vast number of engineers who wish to enter the field of techno-entrepreneurship and lack of awareness of the same in India, the T-cell program aims to create techno-entrepreneurs through collaboration with industry experts”.


Code: TR32

2. MISSION: “To bring together a group of students having similar interests of entrepreneurship and to redirect their energy in a focused way”


Code: TR33

3. MISSION: To make engineering better by making it more practical, emphasizing on project expo, seminar and workshops.


Code: TR34

4. MISSION: Addressing the issue of lack of practical knowledge in Engineering students through integration of classrooms and labs.


Code: TR35

5. MISSION: To create an Industry oriented platform for the colleges that will enhance the technical as well as practical skills of students for producing industry ready engineers.




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