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About us

SPEED is a global, non-profit student organization that functions as an interdisciplinary network of engineering students, who aspire to provide opinion and create an impact on future development of engineering education and its effect on society and environment.

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  • Mission

    Through engineering education initiatives and collaboration with academia, industry, society and government, SPEED is committed to improving the future of engineering education whilst embracing the considerable engineering challenges being faced in the 21st century.

  • Vision

    SPEED strives to empower students to become a factor of change in EE by providing them with the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to become a global engineer and show them how they can think globally and act locally

Latest in SPEED

  • Registrations are closed!

    If you would like to register, please send an email to:

    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Action Plan Competition

    The action plan competition is the main activity of the Global Student Forum. This is where issues in Engineering Education are discussed by the students, under the guidance of industrial and academic professionals.

    This year’s action plan competition’s theme is “Engineering Education without Borders”. Students will be joining efforts to come up with action plans on how to overcome current limitations in Engineering Education under the following three tracks:

    Track 1: Re-imagining EE in and out of the classroom

    In this track, students will re-think their educational experience, blend different forms of learning in and out of the classroom in order to overcome pedagogical barriers in the traditional classroom while still meeting stakeholder needs.

    Key questions for discussion:
    · What traditional learning models can be challenged to reflect the findings of new research in engineering education?

    · How can we transform learning in and out of the classroom?

    · How can we increase customization of curricula to meet individual learning needs, the retention of engineering students from primary school through graduate school, and the ease of assessing “real-world” skills in our engineers (creativity, resourcefulness, etc.)

    · What effect do student-teacher ratios have on students’ outcomes?

    · What technologies help, and what technologies do more harm than good?

    Track 2: Re-imagining EE beyond the silos of discipline

    In this track, students will tackle the barriers of integration within engineering specialties as well as with other disciplines (humanities, sciences, arts, social sciences etc.) in order to create a more well-rounded and holistic engineer.

    Key questions for discussion:
    · How can we collaborate across disciplines in a model that breeds innovation and creativity?

    · What are the advantages of offering engineering degrees with varying degrees of cross-breeding with other majors outside of engineering?

    · How can we best prepare engineers for the multi-faceted skills and challenges they’ll face?

    Track 3: Re-imagining EE through the world

    In this track, students will consider the development of the global engineer and productively collaborate internationally. Great innovation comes from the mixing of cultures, politics, and religious beliefs. It is the responsibility of the well-prepared global engineer to understand, respect, and work with these issues.

    Key questions for discussion:
    · How do we work across international borders when our very audience lacks facilitating technologies for communications?

    · How do we ensure that all engineers across the world are given access to the same opportunities?

    · How do we level the playing field for international collaboration?

    After the GSF is over, students will start working on implementing their action plans in their respective communities and hence inducing change towards a better Engineering Education.


    Q: What is SPEED?

    A: The Student Platform for Engineering Education (SPEED) is a global, non-profit student organization that functions as an interdisciplinary network of engineering students, who aspire to provide opinion and create an impact on future development of engineering education and its effect on society and environment.  We look to inspire the actions and development of globally minded, engineering student leaders intent on helping engineering education evolve.  As a member society of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), we strive to provide important student ideas and perspectives to the international engineering education community.

    Q: What is the Global Student Forum?

    A: The GSF (Global Student Forum) is a global conference organized by SPEED which draws academicians, representatives from government, industry and non-profit organizations, and increasingly students from around the world to discuss issues pertinent to engineering education. Through this one week event, students will be a part of an international experience, submerged in the atmosphere of cross-cultural communication and creative thinking. Participants will take part in workshops aimed at providing them with tools to find innovative solutions with a global perspective and apply them in their local communities to improve upon engineering education. They will get a chance to learn about existing student projects, get involved and/or start their own regional and global initiatives with the aim of maximizing the student voice within the engineering education community. This event is a part of the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF).

    Q: What is the World Engineering Education Forum?

    WEEF is a 4 days conference that combines a number of international engineering education conferences. Under the theme Engineering Education for a Global Community”, The World Engineering Education Forum – WEEF 2014 – will include over 70 multidisciplinary sessions, bringing together the world most renowned experts to address the latest innovation, advances, technology, issues and challenges in engineering education. WEEF will be taking place directly after the GSF in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and students who attend the GSF will get the chance to attend WEEF as well.

    For more information:

    Q: What is the theme for GSF Dubai-2014?

    The GSF theme for this year is “Engineering Education without Borders”. The world needs a new generation of engineers. We need professionals who are capable of innovating at a global scale, who have an open mind, who are resourceful, and who are able to work in interdisciplinary groups. We basically need engineers who are capable of jumping across borders, going around them, or even better: taking them down.

    Borders can be seen as lines of division, edges or boundaries. They are necessary in order to define countries or areas, but they also represent barriers to engineering education. We need to jump across geo-political borders in order to have a global engineering community. We need to eliminate social and cultural barriers in order to have innovative and effective engineering solutions in remote places. We need to break down the divisions between engineering disciplines in order to have multidisciplinary team workers. Finally, we need to overcome mental borders in order to come up with non-traditional solutions.

    The 10th GSF’s main goal is to come up with student-generated action plans that can lead to overcoming borders and challenges in reaching a global Engineering Education. In order to achieve this we will learn from Dubai’s birth from a desert, learn from its diverse engineering community, and have an impact on the local community.

    Q: Who should attend this event?

    A: Any engineering student leader who is interested in impacting engineering education on a global or local level is invited.  Students from the undergraduate through the post-doc level are welcome.  Student status/university enrollment must be proven to gain admittance. 

    Q: Why should I attend the event?

    A: The Global Student Forum will give you significant exposure to the global engineering community. You will get the chance to broaden your network of connections by directly interacting with worldwide known academicians and professionals from the engineering industry. You will also get the chance to contribute to the evolution of the Engineering Education system. The main objective of the GSF is to address issues pertinent to Engineering Education and suggest solutions for these issues through action plans which will later be implemented in various communities. Besides this, you will take part in an extremely fun and exciting experience where you well get to make new friends from all over the world, get exposed to different cultures and explore Dubai through various activities such as site seeing, community service and industrial site visits, all taking place during the GSF.

    Q: How much is the Registration Fee and what does it cover?

    The GSF registration fee is 800$ (early registration by 28th August) and 900$ (late registration by 28th September). The registration fee covers all the student’s expenses between the 29th of September and the 6th of December that are related to the GSF and WEEF. This includes accommodation, transportation, food and activities expenses.

    Q: How do I get my Visa documents / letter of invitation?

    The GSF registration and payment of fee must be completed. Once you are done with those procedures you will get your letter of invitation from the host university. You registration fee will be refunded in full incase of visa rejection. Important: You have to upload your passport copy during registration for us to verification of your details and to provide with the necessary documents. 

    Q:  How can secure funds to attend the GSF?

    A: In case you cannot pay the registration fee, SPEED will help you try to obtain funds from your university and local businesses. You can also write a letter explaining why you cannot get funds to go to the GSF, and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    Q: How can I register for the GSF?

    A: Engineering Students Registrations:

    1) Register for the Global Student Forum at:

    The Global Student Forum is an event that seeks engineering student leaders intent on improving engineering education.  Since the GSF is not open to the public students who register and do not fit the desired profile not will be accepted.  The review process for the application may take up to a few days. Accepted students will be notified from the SPEED team via email as promptly as possible.

    2) Upon approval an invoice from SPEED will be sent via to the individual who has applied.

    3) Once the registration fee ($800) is paid, the individual is registered and further information about the Global Student Forum will be sent.

    University Representative registrations:

    1) After agreement between SPEED and the university an invoice will be sent to the university via paypal reflecting the cost of the agreed upon students.

    2) The university can then pay for the registration through the secure connection. 

    3) After the payment has been sent, SPEED will inform the university and the university shall instruct the agreed upon students to register for the GSF at:

    Q: How will I know if I have been accepted to attend the event?

    A: After we analyze your application, we will contact you by email to inform if you have been accepted or not.

    Q: What days should I book my flight to Dubai?

    A: You should arrive to Dubai on the 29th of November and leave on the 6th December before night. The accommodation for the night of 6th December will not be covered by your registration fee.

    Q: How can I process the payment of the registration fee?

    A: You can pay through PayPal or through bank transfer or in site. The details will be mailed once you've registered.

    Q: How can I become a member of SPEED?

    A: Follow the process on our website, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Q: What Touristic attractions are there in Dubai?



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